Environmental Sustainability with Shaklee

This is a post from Dr Bruce Daggy that explains one of the reasons I am so excited about my partnership with Shaklee Corporation.  A healthy person needs a healthy planet, and at Shaklee, we make choices with both in mind!  Read on for the whole Shaklee story:
Steps towards environmental sustainability

Posted by Dr. Bruce Daggy on Apr 4, 2014 in Health, Science
Steps towards environmental sustainability

At Shaklee, we recognize that a healthy individual and a healthy planet go hand-in-hand. We all want somewhere to live our healthy and abundant lives. Since the earth is the one place we can call home, we should probably take care of it.

Environmental sustainability is something we strive for every day and we have been delighted to discover that oftentimes choosing the healthiest ingredients for our products also means making the best choices for our planet.

Here are the sustainability projects of which we are we are most proud:

    Muscadine grapes: Muscadine grapes are grapes that have a higher source of antioxidants and resveratrol than the common table grape. We have developed a long-term partnership with Paulk Vineyards in Georgia, and its six generations of farming experience. The vineyard was started by Jacob Paulk, a 4th generation farmer who is committed to the highest standards of green and sustainable farming. For more information on Shaklee's Vivix Liquid Dietary Supplement use this link. 
    Fish oil: Our fish oil is certified through Friends of the Sea, an international conservation organization that follows strict criteria for sustainability. Friends of the Sea tracks population size and works with fishermen to set catch limits and avoid harvesting during spawning time. The efforts help to ensure a constant supply of good quality fish oil without harming the environment.  For more information on Shaklee's OmegaGuard use this link.
    Get Clean® pitcher: The carbon block filter in our water pitcher is sourced from coconut shells. Coconut shell carbon is recognized as the highest quality because it has a pore structure that allows it to trap a wide variety of contaminants. The coconuts used to create the filter are farm-raised, renewable, and have a very short growing cycle. Our carbon filters are produced in a closed stainless steel vessel that releases no emission to the environment during processing.  For more information on the Get Clean® Pitcher, use this link.
    Get Clean line: Many of the natural ingredients in our Get Clean line, our nontoxic household cleaning line, are sustainably sourced. Mineral salts, corn, coconut, and vegetable glycerin all come from renewable sources. For more information on the Get Clean Home Care line use this link.

Shaklee has been committed to sustainability almost from our inception. We were the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral® certification by totally offsetting our CO2 emissions.

We took a long, hard look at ourselves and reduced our U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by consolidating our distribution and maximizing distribution efficiencies. We targeted our efforts to conserve water, gas, and electricity in company-controlled facilities. We also reduced the materials we used through our packaging, reusing shipping cartons, and utilizing post-consumer recycled paper.

In 2000, Shaklee opened its World Headquarters, one of the first green, energy-saving, award-winning buildings designed using sustainable materials, including certified sustainable wood, recycled carpets, and recycled plastics. In 2001, Shaklee received the Savings by Design Energy Efficiency Integration Award by the American Institute of Architects.

Our journey towards environmental sustainability is an expression of our commitment to the third pillar of The Shaklee Difference: Always Green. By linking Always Safe and Always Works to Always Green, we are recognizing that human health is intimately tied to the health of the environment.

What Shaklee sustainability project makes you most proud and why?

In health,
Dr. Bruce
Dr. Bruce Daggy
Senior Vice President, Research & Development and Chief Science Officer

Do You Yo-Yo Diet? Ready for Results that Stay?

Do you Yo-Yo Diet?  You know, you loose the weight using some drastic fad diet plan, then gain even more weight back!  Up and Down, Up and Down, just like a Yo-Yo.  Not healthy for you certainly.  Disappointing too. 
But take heed, now there is a way to STOP Yo-Yo Dieting for ever. 
Shaklee knows that losing weight can be as simple as it is difficult.  That is why Shaklee created a plan that is personalized just for you and is easy to follow.  Say Hello to Cinch®!

Shaklee has created the Cinch® Inch Loss Program and it works!  Clinically proven, created by a team of scientists, nutrionists and physicians Cinch has what we need to loose the weight.  See what Cinch Transformation did for Julie!

Cinch® is Powered by Leucine™ and specially formulated to help you break the diet cycle, so you:

  • Keep muscle you have
  • Burn fat you don’t need
  • Lose inches you don’t want
The hard science behind a hard behind
In a recent clinical trial†, we tested our proprietary formula enhanced with leucine. (Leucine is a muscle-building amino acid found in protein rich foods.) This leucine-enhanced nutrition program was shown to help retain 100% of lean muscle mass. People in the program lost fat, weight, and inches while retaining their lean muscle.
 † Findings based on lean mass estimates in a 12-week preliminary study.

A plan for the rest of us

As you get to know us, you’ll find we take your health very seriously, and ourselves, not so much. Cinch is designed to help you hang on to all-important muscle while you lose that all-jiggly fat. And it’s created by doctors who are, thankfully, also human. With Cinch, you eat food you look forward to. You can’t say that about cabbage soup. 
Want some inspiration?  See what Julie was able to do with Cinch!  She lost over 115 Pounds using the Cinch Transformation Plan.  Take a look at this video.

So do your healthier self a favor and order a Cinch Transformation Starter Kit today. Then, take a good look at those extra inches of yours and get ready to give them a big smooch good-bye. Sayonara. Adios. Toodle-oo.

Vitamin D3-- Do you Have Enough?

Vitamin D Facts

Good Health is a Choice, make a good Choice today.

The most common medical condition in the WORLD, with often devastating and even fatal consequences, is Vitamin D Deficiency. This disease affects OVER 200 Million people in North America alone! NOW YOU should NOT be one of them! Taking time to Review this information
could Dramatically improve your health and may Save Your Life!

Ask your Doctor ab
out the overwhelming research that is currently making headlines in numerous published clinical studies and the stunning information found in virtually every respected medical journal in health care!

Dr. Oz says: “If I could pick one Vitamin to push to Everybody it’s Vitamin D!”

“If Vitamin D were
a drug, its benefits would make it
the most popular ever!” says Bill Sardi--Medical Writer and Author in his book "You Don't Have to be Afraid of Cancer Anymore."

Increasing the amount of Vitamin D in the body can prevent or help treat a remarkable number of ailments:
Asthma Autism Back Pain Cancers (Breast, Colo
n, Prostrate)
Chronic Fatigue Dental Problems Depression Diabetes Fibromyalgia Heart Disease High Blood Pressure Hypertension Kidney Disease Lupus MS Muscle Cramps Obesity Osteoporosis Psoriasis Seasonal Affects Disorder Thyroid

The time to act is now! Don’t be left in the Dark!

Take the Free Vitamin D3 Quiz today.

It is quick and easy. Get the answer with Vitamin D-ology™, a new online quiz developed by Shaklee Scientists. Based on the answers to 8 simple questions, the Vitamin D quiz will quickly calculate the Shaklee Health Sciences recommended level of Vitamin D. The level of vitamin D supplementation you may need depends on many factors including where you live, time of year, your skin color, how much sun exposure you get each day, your age, if you are overweight, how often you eat fish or vitamin D fortified foods and how often you exercise.

Take the quiz today!

Vitamin D Information for Children and Babies

Vitamin D has been in the news a lot lately. Some with glowing reports and others a bit more conservative. Dr Oz has devoted several segments on his show to Vitamin D and the effects of children and adults. He calls Vitamin D3 the "One Pill Quick Fix"!

It has been known since the early 1800's that a dose of cod liver oil successfully remedied the manifestations of nutritional rickets. Seems that Vitamin D3 is the active ingredient in cod liver oil, so adding a dose each day helped the children of the time avoid rickets. According to the Mayo Clinic definition, Rickets is the softening and weakening of bones in children, usually because of an extreme and prolonged vitamin D deficiency.

Along with calcium and magnesium, vitamin D is crucial for strong bones and teeth. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recently increased its recommended daily intake of vitamin D from 200 IU to 400 IU for infants and toddlers. The Mayo Clinic recommends that you supplement your baby's nutrition even if you are breast-feeding with 400IU's of Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 is easily absorbed and available in natural supplement as well as sunshine, liver, cod, herring and sardines. Most children do not want to eat the liver, herring or sardines. And if you live north of a line between Atlanta and LA, you do not get enough sun to make Vitamin D. So adding supplemental natural Vitamin D3 is necessary.

My business partner has natural, organic supplement for babies, children and adults. I take Shaklee supplements each day and have for years. Their purity and quality is unsurpassed in the supplement industry. Testing each product many times from the initial receipt of the organically grown, non-GMO plant botanicals all the way through the manufactoring process, Shaklee insures that each product is 100% pure with no contaminants.
With a 100% Money Back Guarantee, you can change brands to Shaklee products and have no risk. Preferred Customers are Shaklee Members who receive a 15% discount on all products. Stay well!

Is Holiday Stress Creeping In this Year?

Each year we say the same thing, "It is going to be Different this Year!". However, it never is. Stress is one of those things that creeps in without our even realizing its presence. Between the pressure of decorating, gift buying, parties, cooking special items, sending cards, and family tension, Stress is like a member of the family.

Learning how to recognize and deal with Stress and its triggers takes time and a little practice. Many of us handle stress by eating foods that are not necessisarily good for us, such as Bags of Chips, Bags of Candy, Cakes, Cookies and more. Eating triggers are costly in the weight department as well as blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Knowing those eating triggers is very important. Do you know your eating triggers? Emotional eating and situational triggers are powerful but can be overcome. Be aware during the holidays!

Finding ways to avoid or minimize Stress during the holidays can be as easy as changing your schedule or a few old habits:

* Say "No" to a few of those many holiday parties that you always find boring. You don't have to attend every event. Choose the ones that mean the most to you.
* Use gift bags instead of gift wrap for easier gift giving. Gift cards are easy too.
* Use the local bakery or deli when you have to bring a dish to a holiday event. They do all the cooking and save you the mess along with the clean-up.
* Decorate for impact not amount. A few well placed holiday items, a change in pillows and arrangements can be an easy way to make a room look festive without filling it with tons of decorations.
* Plan your menu ahead of the day and cook a few of your favorite things. Freezing items and using the local deli or restaurant can eliminate some of the cooking stress.
* Purchase only those things you have planned to buy. Credit card purchases can lead to even more stress.

So have a fun and special holiday season this year. Make your family and friends the center of attention instead of the food and decorations. Memories are of people!

Stay well! Elise

New Home Every 7 Years? Really!

How would you like a new house every 7 years? Wow, that would be a great perk wouldn't it? Imagine getting a new home every 7 years, all fresh and clean. It would be a dream come true for so many. But what if there is a catch to this dream? A big Catch?!?!

The catch is that the new home is only as nice as the way you have kept the current one you have.
So if your plumping is bad in your old home, the new house will also have bad plumbing. If you have upgraded the heating and cooling systems in the old house then the new house will have new, upgraded heating and cooling systems!
So the trick is to keep your current home in the be
st possible condition so that when you get the new home every 7 years, it is the best it can be! Not a bad deal now is it? Keep your current home in great condition in order to get a new home in the same condition! New home with a new "start" date. You would not want a new home that was not in perfect condition would you? I don't want a new home that is not in the best condition possible.

However, we all have a home that we don't treat as well as we can. We all live in a home that is replaced every 7 years and we don't even think about how we really take care of it most of the time. That home is our body, our only true home. And since our cells renew frequently, we get a "new body" about every 7 years!

Wow, think how nice it would be to take care of our current body so that our new body will be healthy and ready to take us into next phase of our lives, healthy and ready to go!

So how do we accomplish this healthy new home? Well, it takes work
and planning. I know, work is not "fun" but healthy bodies are fun! Working on your body can be easier than you think. Thinking about what you eat, how you exercise and how you supplement your diet. Three easy things to do, lifestyle choices that reflect healthier choices will pay dividends for years to come. Be diligent now will avoid many illness later. And that new body you get every 7 years will be ready to work for you for 7 more healthy years! So get off the couch and walk the dogs, play with the kids, walk around the block, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from the building, move!

Then look at your food choices. Drink lots off filtered fresh water, eat organic foods (no artificial, processed foods), and keep add soy protein to your daily meals.
Then look at the absences in your nutrition and add whole food supplements, natural & organic supplements to fill in the nutrition gaps. Supplementing your nutritional gaps is necessary since no one eats every nutrient their body needs. So carefully add whole food nutrients to your daily routine to fill in the blanks in your nutritional gaps. That way your new "body" will be healthy and ready to give you a healthy life! Stay Well!

Are you Asking the Right Questions?

Do you ask questions when you visit your physician? Do you fully participate in your own health care decisions? Do you read and study what is going on in studies and published papers in peer reviewed journals? Or are you like my friend?
I have a friend that blindly follows whatever his Doctor says. Never asks questions, never asks why or is there an alternative. Just follows along blindly doing whatever his doctor tells him to do. Now, I am not against doctors, just against people who do not take an active role in their own health care decisions.
My friend returned home from a long trip to find that his stomach was bothering him at night. He went to his doctor complaining of nausea and such. Rather than asking questions of the doctor and the doctor asking questions of my friend, all that happened was a prescription for some "stomach" medication that my friend has no idea about why or even what it's purpose really is.
I asked my friend what the medicine did and my friend had no information. Really?! And to top it off, the doctor told my friend to stop all vitamins and supplements. I asked my friend if food was allowed since vitamins were not allowed and vitamins come from food!
My point here is to ask questions, make yourself into your own personal wellness advocate. Don't just take something that is offered without asking what, why, how long, side effects and so much more.
You have a responsibility to yourself to be involved in your wellness as well as disease care. Doctors in the USA are trained to take care of diseases, not wellness. Their business is disease care and our goals are wellness care. I focus on how to stay in wellness and not get into a state of disease. Stay well and stay informed! Your health is your responsibility and taking care of your one true home, your body, is paramount to your continued wellness!

What Can Vitamin D3 Do for Me?

Recent research shows that vitamin D—the "sunshine vitamin"—offers a multitude of benefits including supporting healthy heart function, immune and bone health. But, up to 80% of Americans may have insufficient levels of this essential nutrient.
Did you know?
* Almost 44 million women and men in the U.S. are at risk for osteoporosis.
* Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption for maintaining strong bones.
* Adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life, as part of a well balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
How do we know if we are getting enough Vitamin D3?
You may need MORE vitamin D during fall and winter.
You may need MORE vitamin D if you are olive skinned or darker.
You may need MORE vitamin D as you age.
You may need MORE vitamin D if you work indoors.
You may need MORE vitamin D if you live north of a line between L.A and Columbia, South Carolina.
You may need MORE vitamin D if you are overweight.
You may need MORE vitamin D if you don’t exercise regularly.
What Does Vitamin D3 Do for Me? Vitamin D supports:
• A healthy heart
• A strong immune system
• Healthy cell development
• Healthy bones and teeth
Shaklee's Vita D3 is the answer to your Vitamin D3 needs.
Always Works—With Vitamin D3, the Most Potent Form
• High potency 1,000 IU supplement
• Contains vitamin D3, the most potent form of vitamin D clinically proven to
maintain levels of vitamin D in the body
• Allows customizable intakes in 1,000 IU dosage units in combination with
1,000 – 2,000 IU intake from existing Shaklee products
• 100% Shaklee Guarantee
Always Works—Cutting-Edge Nutrition Science
Shaklee Vita-D3™ is the culmination of recent scientific research, including two
industry-leading Shaklee vitamin D studies
Always Safe
• Over 300 quality tests
• No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives added
• Gluten free
• Star-K kosher certified
So be good to yourself and add Shaklee's Vita D3 to your daily whole food supplement regimen!

Healthy Way to Get Rid of Fat and Inches

I know the holidays were full of great food and loads of calories. For me it starts in October with all the Halloween candy and just keeps getting bigger and better. Well, I get bigger anyway! I love all the great food during the holidays. So much is comfort food, family favorites full of memories of past gatherings. Can't pass up the chance to have a few bites of the dressing and gravy, the whipped cream cake with pecans, and don't forget the waffles with crispy bacon covered in real maple syrup for brunch. Oh my!

So now it is mid-January and the jeans are still a little snug. It is too cold and icy to really go out for a much needed walk around the neighborhood. What to do to get some of those inches off? Well since 2006 I have been using a wonderful set of products from Shaklee called Cinch Inch Weight Loss Program. With the Cinch program, you loose fat and inches will maintaining your lean muscle mass. Muscle mass equals higher metabolism, which is needed to break the yo-yo diet cycle. Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green.

Get started now with a Cinch Starter Kit. Even that's a cinch. As soon as you open your Cinch Starter Kit, you'll find we take your health very seriously. So do your healthier self a favor and order a Starter Kit. And don't forget that losing an inch ought to involve laughing it off.

The Cinch Inch Loss Plan is Powered by Leucine™ and specially formulated to help you break the diet cycle, so you:

  • Keep muscle you have
  • Burn fat you don't need
  • Lose inches you don't want
My Cinch Plan At-A-Glance
You get two meals in a delish shake, a yummy bar to treat yourself, and extraordinary tea for natural energy when you need it. Healthy, cinch-to-fix menus and serving guides give you more to sink your teeth into. And with each meal, you take a three-in-one boost with ingredients that help kick up metabolism,* retain normal blood sugar levels,* and supply nutrients. If you're pregnant, nursing or diabetic, ask a health professional. Not recommended for use by children.

Enjoy the Shakes, Cinch Bars and the Cinch Tea! I love them all and use them regularly. They are especially good to use while traveling. Keeps the protein up and the snack foods down! Stay Well!

Tips for a Healthy December

This is such a busy time of year! Holiday parties, Christmas pageants, choral presentations, children's parties, charity function, visits from distant friends and relatives, work, housework, and so much more. I am tired just thinking about all that has to get done in the next few weeks!
But I want to be able to enjoy this busy month and feel good while being so busy. I have learned through the years to do a few things that make life better and healthier for me, while giving me restful nights and energetic days.

First of all I make certain I get a good night's sleep. Sleep is important since it is a time for renewal and recovery. Our body needs this time to renew, detoxify and rest. Hormones are released, systems are regulated and we are prepared for the next day. So get your 8 hours!

Fuel is also important during busy, stressful times days. We need to look at food as fuel for our bodies instead of treats for our mouths! Hard to do with all the goodies that assail our senses. However, the need for good protein, fiber, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, whole food supplements and lots of fresh filtered water.

To avoid filling up on too many sweets, empty calories and carbohydrates, eat a light meal of good protein, fresh fruits and vegetables before you head to an event. Having the proper fuel for your body will let you choose a treat or two at the party without eating a whole tray of brownies! And none of us wants to add more pounds during the holidays.

I keep my Cinch Soy Protein shakes and snack bars with me during the day. Eating lots of small meals keeps my fuel levels up and the treat threat down! Now don't get me wrong, I love sugar cookies, brownies, fudge and more. Unfortunately, when I over indulge in these treats I feel bad, gain weight and don't function as well as when I keep my protein levels up to balance the sweet treats.

Exercise goes right along with handling stress and resting well during the holidays. Walk your dog, take the kids to the park, walk around one of the big stores or malls if the weather is not favorable, use the Wii Fit programs or what ever you have on hand. Just move for 30 minutes each day to relieve the stress and work off a few of those treats.

I hope you enjoy your holiday season, have fun at all your parties and children's events. Take time to enjoy your family and friends. Don't worry about the small stuff! Have fun and Stay Well!

How a Little Green can Save You Some Green

We all appreciate saving money these days. And we all like a good value. We want the best for our money and to save money at the same time is a rare today.

You know how much I love my Shaklee Supplements and Get Clean products. I have personally had such success with my health since I started using the supplements. You may remember my struggle with my sinus problems since I was very young. Where ever I was, there was something that irritated my sinus. When I flew, my ears would stop-up and I would be deaf for days, with lots of pain and discomfort. Once I lost hearing for over a month and had to see several specialists that really did not have a way to help me! Frustrating to say the least.

After using Shaklee's Energizing Soy Protein and some other supplements, my Shaklee friend suggested I try the Shaklee Alfalfa Compl
ex when I complained about loosing another week of work because of my sinus problems. I was still coughing and sneezing, but had to go back to work. Sneezing and coughing in front of clients was not fun, but I had to work. She thought the Alfalfa Complex would help my sinus woes as it had helped her problems many years before. I have to admit that I was skeptic, but was willing to try those little green tablets since nothing else had worked. I was tired of taking prescription antibiotics, prescription decongestants and anti-histamines constantly while still being sick!

So I began slowly adding those little green tablets to my daily regimen and did not really think abo
ut it. However, as the months passed I noticed that I was not having that tickle in the back of my throat anymore. Then the Fall season hit and no sinus infection! Then Spring came and no sinus infection! And it has been that way for almost 6 years now. WOW. I am pleased to be able to breathe all year round now, travel where ever I can with no sinus problems and flying is a breeze!

So if you would like to try this simple yet natural approach to healthier living, visit my Shakle
e website, place your first order of at least $70 at the member price(MN) and receive Free Membership in Shaklee! Waiving the membership fee with a $70 MN order through November 30, 2010, is a savings of $19.95 plus gives you a 15% discount on the Suggested Retail Price!
Save money, have healthy options at your fingertips while you shop online 24/7.

Fall Travel Tips

Well the holidays are here! Halloween is just a few days away and then the holiday rush begins in full force. Wow, seems like I just got used to writing 2010!
Fall means travel to so many of us. We travel to a distant cites to shop, see entertainment opportunities, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, football and so many other events. Travel also means eating on the road and that eating can mean extra weight gain, stomach issues, colon problems and more. Yuck!

When I travel I carry with me Shaklee's Cinch Cranberry Snack Bars, Cinch Chocolate Shake mix, Get Clean Water pitcher with water, apples, bananas, Shaklee's Fiber Advantage Apple Cinnamon bars and Cinch Tea packets. With all this I have good sources of protein, carbohydrates, hydration, fiber and taste!

Carrying these products with me keeps me away from those greasy french fries, over-processed hamburgers and carbonated beverages. All these taste good to the mouth, but have little nutritional value compared to the high calorie, high carb, high sodium values they have.

The trick to a healthy fun trip in the fall is to plan ahead and realize that avoiding fast food meals will make for a more pleasant trip. Your tummy and colon will be happier. Your brain will be sharp and alert to the hazards on the road. You will arrive at your destination happier, healthier and ready to enjoy the much awaited event! Stay Well! Elise!

Our Toxic World and the Solutions We Have Now

Each day we are bombarded with chemicals that have adverse effects on us, our children, our pets and the planet. Over 80,000 chemicals are used each day and the EPA has required testing on less than 500 for their toxicity.

Each Day 42 BILLION pounds of chemicals are produced or imported to the USA. And there is a lot more. What to do?

Watch this short video to get some ideas on what we face. Remember Shaklee is the leader in the environmental movement, offering products that are Always Safe for you and well as the planet, Always Work better or as well as the leading brands, and are Always Green since Shaklee has been green from the very beginning when green was just a color and biodegradable was not a household word.

Do something nice for yourself and the planet, try Shaklee's Get Clean products today. Breathe Easier since You deserve the best.

Need Funds? Think out of the Box!

We all are feeling the impact of this irritating economy. The jobless rate is very high. Teachers are being laid-off, corporate professionals no longer have a company to work with anymore, college and high school graduates also are looking for jobs.
The under-employed rate is also high, we had over-trained people flipping burgers since their corporate jobs have disappeared.

Then there are the people who have given up looking for work. The odds of a person in their late 50's and into their 60's getting a new job are almost nil. Sad.

Now our charities are suffering too. Funds are tight, resources have faded or disappeared. But the need for their services is increasing. More people are needing more help.
So what do we do? Where do we turn?

Ready to think out of the BOX? Ready to try something new? Shaklee has a NEW pay plan that is called the Dream Plan. Cash, Cars, Trips and Dreams! And in this new plan there are many opportunities to make money while working towards trips, new cars and financial security for yourself and others! Who do you know that needs more money each month? Who do you know where $1,000 to $5,000 a month would make a difference? Who do you know who needs a new car? Who do you know who likes to travel, but haven't been able to travel in this current economy? I invite you to explore the Shaklee Lifestyle!

There is also a new Fundraising component now that you can share with your favorite local charities to help them create a sustainable stream of income to support their programs. This program is open to non-profit and tax-exempt organizations.
Break out of the Box and Dream Big Again!

How Many M&M's do you Eat?

I know it is an unusual question, but think about it, How Many M&M's do you eat at any one time? One at at time? Two at a time? Then some later in the day? Or do you eat handfuls at a time?
How we eat, what we eat, what we drink and more are the habits we have developed over the course of our lives. Many habits come from childhood. Others we picked up along the way either from roommates or spouses or lifestyle choices.
What are your habits? Do you even know what they are?
They could be good things like brushing your teeth, drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated or walking up the steps instead of taking the elevator one floor. Maybe there are some bad habits in the bunch. Habits like having to clean your plate even though you are full, eating a candy bar mid-afternoon or skipping breakfast.

Now think back to my question on how you eat M&M"s. Most folks that I know eat those and other little candies by the handful, just popping a handful in their mouth and chomping away.
The reason I bring this up is that I get a weird response from these same people when I tell them I take 10 Alfalfa Complex tablets each day to keep from getting a sinus infection. these same M&M gobblers think that taking 10 aspirin size tablets is horrible! They would rather be sick, feel bad, have a runny nose, headache and such before taking a round of meds from the Dr. and loosing days from work. Now does that make sense to you? Does not make any sense to me!

Health is not something that I take lightly. I focus on prevention, not masking of symptoms. I would rather stay well and take precautions than medication. Disease management is not my thing.

So the next time you shy away from taking much needed supplements because you would have to take more than one tablet, remember how you eat M&M's and make a change!
You owe it to yourself to make good choices for your future health.
Stay well and have some Alfalfa Complex! Elise

Avoid Synthetic Food Dyes!

Synthetic food dyes, those bright colors we see in so many of our processed foods, have been associated with adverse effects on attention and activity in children. Now, The European Union, has started requiring most foods containing artificial food dyes to be labeled. The label will say these dyes"may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children."

in Great Britain, synthetic dyes have been banned after research found connection between hyperactivity and attention deficit in children and these dyes. In the UK, McDonald's Strawberry Sundae is topped w
ith a red topping that is made from strawberries, not like the Red 40 that is used in the U.S.A. Safer dyes are in the market but the FDA has not encouraged food manufacturers to switch to safer natural dyes according to the CSPI report. The FDA is being urged to follow suit by several organizations, members of Congress, Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington DC and more.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, in a recent report, points out how synthetic dyes contribute to medical conditions like cancer, allergic reaction, and hyperactivity. Everything from our favorite candy, to cereal to salad dressing contain these synthetic dyes. According to the report, 15 million pounds of synthetic food dyes are put in processed food and beverages.

Unfortunately, despite the research, the amount of food dyes is on the rise. But more importantly, the scary bit of the report is that the FDA's acting commissioner in 1985 stated that "red [dye] 3 can induce cancer." And yet the FDA has done nothing to stop manufacturers from using the dye! Children eat pounds of snack foods, cereals and frozen meals containing Red 3.

On a good note however, companies like Chefmaster, India Tree and Seelects' Nautral Food Colors make organic and vegetable based natural decorating colors so you can still decorate cupcakes and cookies.

So stay away from processed foods for another reason now! We have known for many years that processed foods were not good for us and now we can add another reason to the long list.

Stay well and eat healthy!

Help Children with Probiotics

It has long been known that Probiotics are helpful for adult digestive challenges. Probiotics are used to add new bacteria to the intestines to help maintain a healthy balance of intestinal microflora. Maintaining digestive health is as important as maintaining the health of the rest of your body. Good colon health is necessary since many nutrients are absorbed in the colon. But now research is showing that probiotics are helpful for children.

Probiotics support general good health but can also be used as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine treatment for a variety of illnesses. The immune system is connected to the digestive tract and the thinking is that probiotics keep the immune system healthy and strong.

There are several varieties of Probiotic bacteria with each strain having a different effect. Natural probiotics are found in foods such as miso, yogurt, and some juices.

From a National Institute of Health: An 2009 study in the Journal of Pediatrics found that of 326 children, age 3 to 5, those who took twice daily probiotic supplements had 72 percent fewer fevers, 62 percent fewer coughs and 59 percent fewer runny noses. Another review of 18 different studies, in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that treatment with daily probiotics significantly shortened intestinal illnesses in children. And a 2008 study by Finnish researchers found newborns given probiotics for six month were 30 percent less likely to develop eczema, an early sign of allergies.

Summer is Definitely Here!

Summer is here and all that goes with warm to HOT weather. During the summer we tend to travel more, spend more time in the sun(which can be good) and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Summer is a fun time if we are prepared for the heat. Staying hydrated is a major challenge during any summer activity. Our bodies are about 60% water, our brains are about 75% water while our blood is about 82% water according to WebMD.

Our pro
blem with staying hydrated is that we often confuse thirst with hunger. We head to the cookie jar or candy stash when we need to head to the filtered water pitcher.

Turns out our bodies need water to regulate our temperature. When we are dehydrated, even in winter our bodies cannot regulate our temperature with proper hydration. According to an article in WebMD, by Gina Shaw, even being a little dehydrated can decrease your ability to perform athletically. "Just losing 2% of your body weight in fluid can decrease your performance by up to 25%."

Water acts as a lubricant for our joints, our muscles recover faster since nutrients are able to flow freely, and your heart doesn't have to work as hard. Drinking water before, during and after exercise is very important.

Shaklee's Performance: Rehydrates Faster Than Water. Working or playing hard depletes precious nutrients and takes its toll on your body. Shaklee Performance is the ideal “during” drink because it rehydrates faster than water and provides energy to keep you going. It's just what you need to compete by keeping your fuel (blood glucose) levels up and replenishing your electrolytes for quick rehydration.
• With exclusive OptiCarb® for energy and endurance
• Essential fluid and electrolytes to help prevent dehydration
• Clinically proven to maintain athletes’ blood glucose levels for muscle energy — and fluid levels for proper hydration

I use Performance when I travel, shop for any length of time, work in the yard, go for long walks and any other time I will exert myself! It comes in 2 flavors, both of which are good.
Stay hydrated all through the year! Elise

Trilogy of Diet, Exercise and Wise Supplementation

Was talking with a friend and customer earlier this week about his trouble with his Omega 3's. Seems he can eat hot spicy food, drink a variety of beers and junk food, but he complains about taking his Omega 3's since the first batch gave him a bit of a fishy "belch". Well, when you take Omega 3's on a empty stomach, what do you expect!

Now he is balking at taking more Omega 3's and will have poor health, heart disease, inflammation and other problems because he is too lazy to do what his body needs! He would rather have a disease than get through a few days of getting his body used Omega 3's on a full stomach. Pitiful excuse for being in poor health. And as he ages badly, he will become a burden to his wife, family and the health care system.

Most people in this country will have some major disease as they age since our health care system is focused on "disease care" rather than Prevention. Prevention means taking your "Omega 3's" (supplements), exercising, loosing and maintaining proper weight, getting proper rest and using wise supplementation. That is the Trilogy of Diet, Exercise and Wise Supplementation!

With the Trilogy of Diet, Exercise and Wise Supplementation, we can live longer, healthier lives. But we are the ones responsible choosing that Trilogy of Diet, Exercise and Wise Supplementation. We have to take personal responsibility for our health. Health precedes disease, and we must do all we can to stay in Health. Remember that the cause of a sinus infection is not a lack of any of the over-the-counter sinus meds or a prescription drugs!

So look at your habits and lifestyle to make the proper adjustments so you can achieve the Trilogy of Diet, Exercise and Wise Supplementation!
Stay Well! Elise

CDC and Indoor Environmental Quality

Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a new policy concerning the air quality of in their buildings. The aim of this new policy is to have an internal environment "that products used in the workplace, such as soaps, cleaning products, paints, etc. are safe and odor-free or emit low levels of VOCs. Only green cleaning products shall be specified and used within CDC facilities and leased spaces.
Scented or fragranced products are prohibited at all times in all interior spaces. This includes the use of:
• Incense, candles, or reed diffusers
• Fragrance-emitting devices of any kind
• Wall-mounted devices, similar to fragrance-emitting devices, that operate automatically or by pushing a button to dispense deodorizers or disinfectants
• Potpourri
• Plug-in or spray air fresheners
• Urinal or toilet blocks
• Other fragranced deodorizer/re-odorizer products

Personal care products (e.g. colognes, perfumes, essential oils, scented skin and hair products) should not be applied at or near actual workstations, restrooms, or anywhere in CDC owned or leased buildings.

In addition, CDC encourages employees to be as fragrance-free as possible when they arrive in the workplace. Fragrance is not appropriate for a professional work environment, and the use of some products with fragrance may be detrimental to the health of workers with chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma, and chronic headaches/migraines.

Employees should avoid using scented detergents and fabric softeners on clothes worn to the office. Many fragrance-free personal care and laundry products are easily available and provide safer alternatives."

So follow in the footsteps of the CDC and use Green Cleaning Products, fragrance-free soaps, shower gels, laundry products and such. Stay Well! Elise

Let's Get Prepared!

As we talked about in the last post, Severe Storm Season is at hand. And we have to be prepared for all the possibilities that bad weather and earthquakes can bring. Being ready, planning before the emergency, gives us a head start on safety and security.
Have you thought about how to prepare for your Pets? Do you have cats, dogs, hamsters, horses, fish or other pets that are members of your family? They need to be considered in any emergency plan.
Animals often get frightened in storms and earthquakes. So having a plan of action can aid you in keeping them calm and secure. Practicing for an emergency can help your pets get used to the travel crates and trailers they will use during an evacuation. You do have travel crates, right? If not, then go purchase one for each animal! Crates should be large enough for the animal to stand up and turn around with ease. Don't get one that is too small!
Find out about "pet" policies the shelters in your area and those in outlying areas. Many do not allow for pets so you may be turned away with you "family members" of the pet variety. Think ahead, and know where you can go to safety with your pets.
* Have tags on each pet, veterinary papers for each pet with vaccination papers and such.
* Pack food and water for each pet since they have to eat too.
* Pack any medications they might need also.
* Pack a good leash and harness if they use one.
* Current Photo of the animals.
Take care of that favorite family friend! Stay Well!

Time to Get Prepared for Severe Storms!

Hurricane Season starts on June 1, 2010 and goes through November 30, 2010. Even though the Hurricanes have not started as yet, we are already getting some Severe Spring Storms with tornadoes, hail and damaging winds.
Now is the a good time to being refreshing your Severe Storm Preparedness Kits. We are between the main part of the Spring Storms and the last of the Winter Blizzards.
I know we all have waterproof bins with clothing, canned foods, medicine, batteries, flashlights, blankets, pillows, games, books, lanterns and more.
* Get out your bins and Wash the blankets and clothing to keep them fresh and ready to use in case that storm does come.
* Replace Canned Goods with fresh so the stored ones don't go out of date.
* Replace any Medicines in the bins with current supplies as needs do change.
* Check the First Aid Kit to make sure the ointments and salves are current too. Out of date medications don't work well and in an emergency situation it is best to have the most current available. Your Health is your most valuable asset.
* Replenish any Water Supplies you have.
* Put in fresh Batteries, matches in a waterproof container, candles in a waterproof container and fuel for any lanterns and small cook stoves.
* Review your Emergency Plan with all Members of your Family, even the ones who live out of town. The out of town family members need to know what you would do in case of a Severe Storm so they can anticipate your need for assistance.
These are just a few of the things to do, put Now it the Time to Start! Severe Storms know no dates or real "Seasons" so we must always be ready!
More to come! Stay Well, Elise

One Million Volunteers Signed-Up!

Got notification today the the Disney Give a Day Get a Day Volunteer Program had reached its goal of One Million Volunteers!
From the Disney website: "Hats off to a million volunteers!
The overwhelming support we received for the "Give a Day. Get a Disney Day." program has helped us reach our goal of inspiring one million people to volunteer a day of service to their communities. The program has now ended. Although you can no longer register and sign up for volunteer opportunities on this site to earn a free Disney Theme Park ticket, you can still continue to give back to your community by locating and signing up for volunteer opportunities through HandsOn Network."
So Thank You to everyone who signed-up to make a difference in your community! Congratulations on your decision to serve others!
Stay Well, Elise

Give a Day Get a Day from Disney!

Now is a great time to be a local Volunteer and Get a Free Day in a Disney Park! What a great deal!
To Qualify for the Free Day, you have to sign up on the Disney site, Give Day Get a Day. All you have to do is look at the options there and sign up for a day of volunteering! Be a point of light in this world, locally with your friends and neighbors. All it will cost you is time, and you will gain so much more that money cannot purchase.
Sam the Eagle and his friends are Proud Volunteers too! So join a great team today and have fun! Stay Well!

Choking in Young Children

According to a Policy Statement released by the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, published on February 22, 2010, Choking is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality among children, especially those aged 3 years or younger. Some of the primary causes of choking-related injury and death are food, coins and toys. The statement goes on to say that certain characteristics including shape, size and consistency, of certain toys and food increase their potential to cause choking among children.

The statement goes on to say that "Despite a strong gag reflex, a young child’s airway is more vulnerable to obstruction than that of an adult in several ways. The smaller diameter is more likely to experience significant blockage by small foreign bodies. Resistance to air flow is inversely related to the radius of the airway to the fourth power, so even small changes in the cross-section of the airway of a young child can lead to dramatic changes in airway resistance and air flow.

Mucus and secretions around a foreign body in the airway will reduce the radius of the airway even further and may also form a seal around the foreign body, making it more difficult to dislodge by forced air, such as with a cough or Heimlich maneuver. The force of air generated by a cough in an infant or young child is less than that in an adult; therefore, a cough may be less effective in dislodging a complete or partial airway obstruction during early childhood."

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
conducted an analysis of nonfatal choking episodes among children aged 14 years or younger treated in US hospital emergency departments during 2001 on the basis of data reported through the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System–All Injury Program (NEISS-AIP). Of an estimated 17 537 children aged 14 years or younger who were treated for nonfatal choking, more than half (59.5%) were treated for food-related choking, approximately one third (31.4%) were treated for choking on nonfood items, and the cause of choking for the remaining 9.1% was unknown. Almost 13% of all these choking episodes were associated with coins, and 19% were caused by candy or gum. These findings are similar to those reported in a comparative retrospective analysis of foreign-body–related injuries to children from 1920 –1932 and 1988 –2000, confirming that food and coins are the most common foreign bodies." For more information see Official Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics.